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What Is Stellar Lumens? XLM Beginner’s Guide

The Stellar Development Fund has also invested over half a million dollars into the Berlin-based instant payments platform, SatoshiPay. Having made investments worth over $6.3 million in 2020 alone, Stellar is en route to bringing blockchain to the average consumer. Anchors are used by the Stellar network to provide users with enhanced functionality and […]

Stellar Lumens: The Future of Cross-Border Payments

Stellar future price will continue to be difficult to predict at times. For more readily understandable and concise price prediction data, please refer to the following table of Stellar Lumens’ long-term price projections. However, due to poor performance during the cryptocurrency bear market over the past two years, it has since lost its place in […]

Outlooks for gas markets and investment Analysis

The various stages of production translate to many opportunities for investments in the natural gas and energy field. We’ll look at natural gas and energy stocks that you should know about right now if you’re looking for where to invest your money. With the world turning to alternatives for oil, we may find ourselves using […]

Top Natural Gas ETFs for 2023

With the price of natural gas going up, EQT can capitalize on this with its upstream operations as a pure-play Appalachian explorer. The strategic positioning in the core of the southwest Appalachians, along with horizontal drilling, will benefit the company. With a wide inventory of drilling locations and many undeveloped sites, prospects look promising for […]

Fibonacci Forex Strategy, Know all about Fibonacci Forex Trading Indicator and Scalping

In addition to this ratios there are two other levels, 50% and 100%, that are often included in the analysis, although they only appear as a Fibonacci ratio at the very beginning of the series. And to go short (or sell) on a retracement at a Fibonacci resistance level when the market is trending DOWN. […]